Wednesday, March 7, 2012

What has been occurring...

So.... First off, we had our first Pop Up at YMEWK market - This is the night market at the Labia on Orange. Admittedly I planned for it to be market research/exposure focussed, but it ended up being a really lucrative night! Also, Jinn got pulled into a shoot for the next day, and I almost could not believe it. The directive for the shoot was "Futuristic", which was right up our alley! All our simple, geometric designs were pulled in and from the sneekpeak I got, the geometric studs were mighty popular.
Here's to hoping it makes its way into a fab magazine (final destination is still under wraps but I will be sure to let yall know).

Then there was the Design Indaba. My soul always comes alive when I walk into the CTICC for this event every year. I love cruising the Emerging Creatives aisle especially. You will find some amazing work and even more amazing stories there. The best by far was definitely that of Songezo Baleni. This young man uses the grass weaving craft learnt as a child weaving baskets and applies it to his jewellery design skills acquired whilst studying at a Durban Tech to design and create absolutely magnificent pieces of fine jewellery. He uses very limited resources at home and gets quite creative in the method of processing the silver into wire for his weaving.Speaking with him was truly touching because although he was well aware and confident of his talent and future in jewellery design, he was also humble and sincere. I look forward to seeing this guy rise all the way to the top.

Whilst chatting away at the Design Indaba, I also managed to find studio space. Double freakn yay and a twirl from me! This has been quite a task. Having this new studio means that Jinn will be able to up production substantially and thus you, beautiful people, can look forward to easier access, not having to wait for markets or trips to Mememe Jhb.

And last but not least... We got our first fashion blog mention on Monday from Pessimiss. Check out how pretty our geometric studs look on this lady:-)

Ciao Ciao! Ps, if you have nothing to do and are in Jhb with money to spend, visit the Mememe page on Facebook to see our stock that arrived there last week.

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  1. Hey Sista
    good reveiw of my work ill try and post some more picture.